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Your kitchen called, and it's craving something new. Fortunately for you, the Women's Health Test Kitchen pros have tested out hundreds (and hundreds) of products on the market to bring you the first-ever Women's Health Kitchen Gadget Awards.

This curated list consists of the best tools and small appliances in the market. Each pick is something our editors use regularly, and swear by, to create food content for the magazine. And to pass our rigorous test, every gadget also had to be easy-to-use and very effective. Now, get ready to upgrade your kitchen arsenal and level-up your cooking game.

Clean gritty greens, herbs, and leeks effortlessly with the help of this easy-to-push lever, which doesn’t make a ton of noise and locks flat to fit in your cabinet.

Finally, a line of BPA-free containers that are 100 percent leakproof, thanks to an airtight seal and secure latches.

With an adhesive that clings to most surfaces (even at freezing temps!), these water-resistant sticky notes are perf for labeling leftovers.

This set snaps together so you can keep your utensil drawer neat sans ring. P.S. The narrow ends fit into spice jars.

Measure, then squeeze, to pour out every last drop. The honeycomb pattern makes them safe to touch, even straight out of the microwave.

A longtime WH Test kitchen fave just got an upgrade. Now, you can attach a measuring spoon, coffee scoop, etc under the locked-in lid. 

This model quickly juices carrots and kale without heating up. Plus, a whole apple can fit into its 30-inch-wide feed tube, so there’s little need to prep.

This super-speedy juicer handled all the carrots, apples, kale, and cukes we threw its way without jamming or blocking. It fits easily on any countertop.

If smoothies are your go-to breakfast, this personal blender can’t be beat. Buzz up your fave recipes to sip on the go—or tap into its built-in smart scale and portion healthy ingredients via an app.

This heavy-duty workhorse tackled coffee beans and our extra-thick smoothie like a pro. Plus, it has a programmable memory function.

With three containers sizes, this fan favorite is now ready for any size job. Suction cups hold the blender base in place.

Rather than spend serious money at a café, use this sleek, compact machine to brew espresso perfetto with one button (and a recyclable pod). Cappuccino, anyone?

This bar cart beauty (available in metal and matte finishes) fizzes sparkling water in seconds, using the SodaStream CO2 cylinders you can find at Walmart and Best Buy.

This foldable metal-meets-silicone straw tucks away neatly in a hard carrying case, so it's easy to keep in your bag or clip onto your keychain.

When you want super thin veggies (think salads, slaws, gratins, and pickles), this cult fave mandoline gracefully shaves apples, radishes, and cukes.

Blend and puree soups and sauces directly in the pot (in seconds!) so you don’t need to transfer everything to a blender in batches. This brand aced our tests for ease of use.

With a large bowl perfect for pie dough, plus a smaller one that’s great for chopping nuts, you can double up on food prep without needing to clean in between.

Its Y shape (plus the featherweight handle) allows it to do every job—from ribboning carrots to peeling potatoes—better than a straight one can.

This double-serrated edge hacks through crusty baguettes with fewer crumbs and cuts fresh tomatoes without smashing ’em.

If you want to ditch the block, this workhorse can handle it all. Its 61/2" blade has indentations so vegetables won’t stick as you slice.

For 25 years, this tool’s razor-edged holes have made it easy to add a sprinkle of citrus, Parm, or nutmeg to any dish.

Do everything with this one ambidextrous (yep, lefty or righty!) tool—snip herbs, trim beans, devein shrimp, even slice pizza.

The four-sided blade fits in a container when not in use (hello, safe storage!). To shred cheese, simply flip it over and snap it into place.

Hit a button to create oodles of zoodles (potatoes, carrots, and beets too!) with this electric model that takes up as little counter space as one you’d crank by hand.

If you own a KitchenAid mixer, buying this attachment is a no-brainer. It comes with blades for spiralizing, slicing, even peeling. And it all fits in a small box to store away when not in use.

This compact veggie spiralizer churns out veggie noodles like bigger models—it just requires a little more strength and elbow grease.

Splurge on this 100 percent stainless steel gadget (read: no plastic pieces to break) and you’ll be set to twist for life.

With a simple locking mechanism, these tongs let you turn meat and toss veggies while keeping hands at a safe distance, then snap closed for storage.

Thinner, stronger, and more flexible than most options, this lean, mean guy slides under pancakes, burgers, and fish fillets.

Sturdy enough to stir thick batters and doughs, yet bendy enough to scrape every edge clean, this silicone staple belongs in all crocks.

Ask a chef her top tool and chances are it’s a metal spoon…but it’s good for home cooks too! This one’s deep well is ideal for scooping sauces.

With a straight, wider bottom, it’s better at breaking up ground meat than a wooden spoon (tacos ftw). And the flat edges get into every corner.

Toast six slices of bread, reheat leftovers, bake a batch of mini cupcakes, and air-fry chicken fingers all in the same countertop appliance.

Char a burger in the dead of winter without setting off the fire alarm. Then pop the grates and tray into the dishwasher.

Its forged aluminum base makes it more durable than traditional nonstick—and it’s scratch-resistant, too, so you can use metal tongs if needed.

Fact: It’s a lot easier to overcook (dry out) your meat if you don’t check its temp. Eliminate the guesswork with this adorable-but-accurate thermometer.

With an easy-to-use interface and bigger basket, this air fryer evenly cooked up everything we threw its way (crispy fries, breaded chicken, fish fillets, you name it!).

This device senses when the H2O is gone and stops itself, while still warming your food. It also allows you to steam two things at once using the included cooking plate.

Drainage Steel Grating Coverditch

Your kitchen is on the verge of total connection: Brands like Whirlpool and G.E. have already launched ovens, fridges, and dishwashers that connect to your voice-enabled, smart home devices.

Next up: small appliances. This means you can get into the smart cooking game, sans the commitment, installation, and hefty price tag. Keep an eye out for connected coffee makers, slow cookers, sous vides, and even faucets. You’ll be able to complete tasks without lifting a finger—or getting out of bed, for that matter. “Hey, Alexa, please start my coffee…”

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