At Wickes we believe that buying a new kitchen should be simple, affordable and accessible to all. That’s why we created our Ready to Fit range, a collection of our most popular designs at great prices and quality, that offer a simple and easy way to create and buy a kitchen that is as unique and stylish as you are.

We have everything you need under one roof with our range of kitchens, appliances, sinks & taps, paint, tiles, flooring, lighting, switches & sockets, wireless technology, waste disposal and heating.

All your planning - and therefore the success of your new kitchen is based on your measurements. Here’s how to get them right.

Now the dream can start becoming reality. There’s lots to think about, including what you’d like to keep and what you want to replace. Here are our practical tops. If you feel you need some advice at any point, our design consultants will be happy to work with you on drawing up a perfect plan. Just ask in-store. It’s free.

Plan your kitchen around the idea of a working triangle of three zones, which we describe below. This is about having what you use the most in easy relationship to each other. Each zone should ideally be equal in distance from each other, and the things you use least can go furthest out of the triangle.

Consider the amount of storage you’ll need, including the size of the fridge and freezer. A worktop near the fridge is really handy for unpacking the shopping, and for cooking.

It’s handy to have the cooking zone close to the sink so you’re not carrying hot things far. Allow worktop space for food preparation and utensils.

Plan everything that needs plumbing next to each other and/or along the same wall. Keep the fridge close to the sink for washing fruit and veg. Also, keeping the worktop above the dishwasher free of appliances leaves space for stacking and unloading dishes.

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When you’re happy with your ready to fit kitchen plan and have hosen what you need it’s time to place your order. You can…

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